Sidney Crosby’s girlfriend Kathy Leutner 2012


Do you realize who Sidney Crosby’s girlfriend is? Despite to become the face in the NHL and possibly one of the most valuable players inside the league, there’s one factor that isn’t sure about Sidney Crosby – who he’s dating. We have been using the ringer looking for solutions here, sooner or later chasing after following a lead for a few days only to uncover it absolutely was among his teammate’s partners. As worldwide a star while he is, his capacity to help keep his private existence hidden is high quality.

There are lots of gossips available, most pointing to him dating model Kathy Leutner. While no-it’s possible to say definitively after they increased to become couple of, it may have been the moment 2008. That to become the problem, once they continued to be as together, it’d likely that they’re pretty serious, but that’s pure conjecture on our part. Sadly, there is no public sightings of those two inside a very long time, it is therefore most likely it was some time fling that ended a couple of in the past.

Leutner is 25 and contains been modeling since 18, when she’s discovered near her hometown in Virginia. She what food was in the key for SI Swimsuit 2011 model search, but ultimately lost out. She mainly works well with Abercrombie & Fitch also it has developed in the coverage of Fitness magazine multiples occasions. She calls herself an Eagles fan, if she truly roots for Philadelphia teams, this relationship would equal to high treason.

That’s all we have got. Sid the child is doing a significant effective job of keeping his personal existence a secret. Contrary else crops up, we’ll make certain to inform you.

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